Earth Wisdom Gifts is a co-creation of Robin Carlton and Laurie Dailey.  We've carefully chosen items that we feel are excellent tools for stimulating and supporting your thoughts and energy for healing and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.  

Some items are created and made by Robin.  When an item is one of Robin's creations, it will be stated in the description.  Robin is the creator and artist for the Enchanted Elementals and the founder of Arizona Mind Body Spirit, a website created to provide tips, tools, and resources for personal development.  You can learn more about Robin, the Enchanted Elementals and her work by visiting RobinCarlton.com.

Laurie is the facilitator of the Arizona Wellness Expo, a wellness event in Arizona held annually.  Laurie is an avid crystal collector and she is very connected to Earth and its ebb and flow.  You can learn more about Laurie by visiting ArizonaWellnessExpo.com. You can contact Laurie at 623-692-7819 if you have questions.  You can also email us at ArizonaWellnessExpo@gmail.com                            Have a fabulous day!