Amethyst Lamp Raw Cluster 4.5 x 3 (74A)

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This beautiful amethyst lamp is 5 x 3.5 and weighs 3 lbs.  This lamp is a pretty purple and has large points.  LED light is included. All measurements and weights are approximate.  

We won't be shipping this beauty, it will be a pick up only in Glendale, Arizona.  Pick up location is 59th Avenue and the 101.  We'll call you with the actual address and arrange pick up once you've completed your order.   

Amethyst key words are Self Awareness, Transformation, and Higher Guidance.  Amethyst strengthens your spiritual connection and can support the release of old patterns, habits and addictions.  Amethyst also acts as a purification tool for your energy field as it emits light waves that can help remove negative particles from your energy field.  Violet is the color associated with our crown energy center.

Amethyst is the birthstone for Pisces and the month of February.