Dreamcatcher Necklace Coffee Brown

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The dreamcatcher is a wonderful tool manifesting and for dreamtime. The perfect circle of the web represents the infinite nature of energy and is a center of focus . The dreamcatcher can be used to assist you to reach your goals, make good use of your ideas, your dreams and your visions. It is said that the web will filter your good ideas and the bad ideas will be trapped and will not pass.  

This beautiful necklace can work as a manifesting tool as well as a dream tool by hanging it near your bed while you sleep.

This necklace is 22 inches long.  It has two dreamcatchers and two charms, a hamsa (protection) and a chinese coin (for money and luck). We only have two of these beauties available.   Please note that your computer monitor may vary in color from the actual color of the necklace.