Self Love Manifestation Temporary Tattoo Pack Limited Edition

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What if, we, ourselves, were always our own beloved Valentine, year around? Loving ourselves fully. Cherishing what makes us unique. Doting on our every move. Hmm, how does that sound people?! Give yourself the gift of self love. Or gift it someone you love. Either way, it's one big love fest!

Limited Edition Set includes 10 Manifestation Tattoos (1 each of the tattoos shown) $20 ($25 value/Save 20%)

Manifestation Temporary Tattoos are empowering tools purposefully created to support you in manifesting your dreams, desires, and intentions. Even at the most basic level, these empowering messages can have a profound effect on us by simply reminding us of our intentions as we go about our day. 

Words are no doubt powerful, but to what extent? According to Dr. Emoto and his groundbreaking research on water, even water molecules are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings. Well, since our bodies are 70% water, just imagine the influence thoughts, words and feelings have on us! Apply liberally ;-)

These long lasting Temporary Tattoos last 2-5 days on average (up to 10) depending on skin type, usage and application. They’re safe, non-toxic and made with all-natural FDA certified colorants. They exceed safety standards for the FDA, Canada and the EU. Packaging is made with recycled paper. Eco friendly. Made in USA.

Happy manifesting to you!